Age Verification

Don't Serve Minors

Minors today easily acquire fake ID's and most fines resulting from sting operations are simply due to human error. The consequences of selling alcohol to Minors is often contemplated too late. What's worse than the time, effort, and tens of thousands of dollars spent in obtaining a liquor license is actually losing your license for selling alcohol to a Minor. The ViAge offers the most effective and easy ID scanning solution.

The ViAge reader was first introduced in 1999. With over 18 years of proven success, we continue to work with businesses, communities, and law enforcement agencies to prevent underage sales and profits. The hallmark of ViAge ID scanners is its simple, easy, and timeless design and function. No user training is required which ensures your employees will use this equipment every time. With one scan, instantly verify the AGE and ID information in big bold display, eliminating the guess work and long customer lines. All ID transactions can be recorded with a date/time stamp for due diligence proof.








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